ComplyKEY Trial

Get your free trial of ComplyKEY

Waterford Technologies offer a free trial version of their DSAR solution for GDPR to help organisations get their GDPR planning for email and file started. With this Free Trial you can also see the other advantages of our solution.

The Waterford Technologies Free Trial allows you:

  • Create specific one-off searches for DSAR requests and then filter based on individual, date range, key words, attachments, recipients or a combination of all to make large complex searches simple to review and streamlined for export to individual.
  • Automate searches for PII (Personal Identifiable Information), credit card, specialised and frequent searches to become proactive in your privacy management.
  • Provide easy to use search solution for end-users, so they can find any email they sent, received or deleted, allowing them to identify GDPR information and to increase productivity.
  • Set retention policies to match your company’s privacy notice and ensure that data inside your retention period is kept.
  • Reduce your file server data by analysing data based on attributes to remove old, obsolete data.
  • Move historical file server data directly to cloud storage in a compressed and encrypted format for security, lower management costs and reduction in backups.
  • Search all file server data to find PII, DSAR or FOI information.