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Control your growth by managing your storage

As Your Company Grows, Your Files Grow Too! Mark Mulcahy – Waterford Technoloiges As your company grows, it’s not only your profits

As Your Company Grows, Your Files Grow Too!

Mark Mulcahy – Waterford Technoloiges

As your company grows, it’s not only your profits that grow with it. Your staff numbers and customer base will grow too – and with them, the number of files and emails being stored on your company’s servers.

This can really raise your organisation’s total cost of ownership (TCO) since you may be paying to store, protect and manage data that you’re not efficiently using. This will only get worse as your company grows and there is more and more data to be stored.

You will begin to see the effects in reflected in your backups as they are slower or fail – and it could even render disaster recovery impossible. For these reasons, it’s wise to get on top of things early and install email and file archiving software to get things under control.

Control Data Growth

The FileArchiver and MailMeter solutions from Waterford Technologies can help you to reduce your email and file storage by up to 80% and your backup times by up to 70%. It can also help you store smarter, by moving old data from more expensive storage to cheaper options. It will even extend the lifespan of your current file and email storage hardware – reducing your overall TCO.


They work by smartly storing your data and emails, turning files and attachments into stubs that can quickly be accessed when they’re needed. This takes the pressure off your servers and makes everything much more efficient. You’ll see improvements in backup times, reliability and costs – as well as helping your growing staff use your systems more productively.

This smarter storage will allow you to enjoy the benefits of your company’s growth without all the hassle of overgrown storage – simply contact our expert team for more information or download our whitepaper to see how you can control your data.

Analyze Data Growth

Not exactly sure what data is stored on your servers? With our latest cloud product SISCIN, you can gain full insight into your file storage in just minutes. SISCIN allows you to quickly map your organization’s data and gain insight into the volume and types of data stored on your servers.


SISCIN is fully cloud based, so you don’t have to install any hardware and starts working in seconds. With SISCIN’s dashboard and analytical storage reports, you will be able to gain full insight into which files are consuming your server’s storage.

Don’t just take our word for it – try SISCIN today free of charge. Our free 14 day trial is fully featured and will allow you to map and analyze up to 1TB of data from a single server. Simply complete our online form and start analyzing your data in minutes.