Who controls your data in the cloud?

Mark Mulcahy- Waterford Technologies

More and more since Snowden and WikiLeaks we have seen an increase in potential customers coming to us to ask about using our cloud solution for MailMeter email archiving solution.


Why is this happening?

One area which is definitely relevant is the real worry about who actually controls your data in the cloud?

We have been told by the big multinationals that the cloud offers a more simplistic solution for SME where “they will take care of your data”.

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That’s fine until your data becomes interesting to the NSA.

We are at the start of a lengthy process to see who will win the argument around data access since Microsoft were ordered to handover emails to the US government in early August.

Some of the large US companies are vowing to fight this and see this as a major threat to their business and rightly so.

What company wants to store their private data with someone who can be ordered to give that data to a government department on request.

There are estimates that this may cost the US cloud industry as much as $35 Billion over the next 3 years.

Most of us will not store data that will be of interest to the US government but where will this stop?

It’s no coincidence as I said we have more and more companies asking us where we store our cloud data.

For them it’s reassuring to know we have a state of the art hosting facility with full redundancy built in, More importantly we are not obliged to hand over any data to anyone except our clients.

So now our clients have various options with our Waterford Technologies suite of products, We provide;

• On premise email and file archiving solutions
• Hybrid solution where archive is stored in our cloud
Fully hosted solution

And most importantly for our clients, No one can order us to turn over the data.

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