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Cost Saving with an Archiving Solution

Our email and file archiving solutions MailMeter and SISCIN- FileArchiver are used every day by thousands of clients around the world in a diverse range of industries to reduce their data management costs.

Our email and file archiving solutions MailMeter and SISCIN- FileArchiver are used every day by thousands of clients around the world in a diverse range of industries to reduce their data management costs. Here are just some of the ways we can help reduce your data management costs.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Email and file archiving solutions can help reduce the total cost of ownership of your organization’s data. In the IT world, the total cost of ownership is used to calculate the total cost of purchasing and operating a technology product or service over its useful life.

Total cost includes much more than simply the price of acquiring a product or service and total cost of ownership provides a method to evaluate technology costs that may not be reflected or apparent in the upfront purchase price.

Waterford Technologies’ suite of products helps to reduce your organization’s TCO for data by identifying where data is stored and how it is being used. By achieving this, you will be able to ascertain how easy it is to find and access data in order to help extend the life of your infrastructure and data investments.

Reduce the Total Amount of Data

When seeking to control storage costs, one of the most effective approaches is limiting the total amount of data stored in the organization by reducing unnecessary and redundant data.

Our file archiving solution FileArchiver targets the data residing on your file servers. IT personnel can then see the volume of file data and its locations and armed with this visibility, policies can then be used to reduce primary storage capacities and eliminate storage of duplicate files.

With MailMeter, you can reduce the amount of data stored on the active email server by up to 80% or more by moving the bulk of attachments to lower-tier disk storage for instant cost savings and improved performance.

Reduce Backup Times & Cost

Email and file archiving solutions can be used to reduce backup times by up to 90% resulting in significant cost savings. Both MailMeter and FileArchiver incorporate the use of single-instance storage architecture of data to reduce storage volumes.

Backup costs and restore times are directly correlated to the amount of data kept on email and file servers. Both of our archiving solutions reduce your overall storage and more importantly the cost of managing it and backing it up.

Our solution also helps to reduce the costs associated with backups including the amount of expensive storage disk that is consumed, the equipment to run the backups, and offsite storage space for disaster recovery.

Reduce Your E-Discovery Costs

More and more organizations are receiving discovery requests for emails and files whether due to a legal case, employment dispute or freedom of information request. Archiving software helps to reduce the time and effort it takes to locate and retrieve emails and files.

Have you ever considered the costs associated with essential IT staff or external contractors spending time searching for specific files or emails and generating reports? With our archiving solutions, retrieval time is cut from days and weeks to minutes, thereby reducing legal costs.

MailMeter’s Individual Search & Retrieval feature also allows end-users to find specific emails more quickly and easily, increasing productivity. With FileArchiver stubbing, files can be moved to cheaper storage seamlessly with no impact on end-users.

Avoid Cost of Penalties & Fines

Can your organization afford to lose a legal case in relation to a freedom of information request, employment dispute or HR request for data? Without MailMeter, your business may not be able to produce all necessary emails to meet investigation deadlines and requirements.

Fines, penalties and other sanctions may cost your business significantly. With MailMeter, meeting requests for email production are easily attained to avoid damaging your reputation, client confidence or stock price.

Avoid Loss of Data

Can your business afford to lose sensitive data such as contracts, intellectual property or valuable competitor information. Without an archiving solution, you are leaving your business exposed to potentially losing essential operational data.

For example, without an email archiving solution, employees may choose to store emails on PST files. Due to the tendency for these files to become corrupt, you could easily lost important information regarding clients or competitors.

Protect Against Data Breaches

Intellectual property is like gold dust to an organization and must be protected at all costs. This property may be the organization’s future development plans or specifics on a new upcoming product.

MailMeter helps organizations protect themselves by providing them with an easy to use mechanism to identify if, when and who may have shared such information with external individuals or organizations.

Legal risks will decrease and productivity gains will increase from being able to enforce policies about personal, inappropriate and proprietary email. Your organization will gain competitive advantages from being able to understand, analyze and manage email communication trends and behaviors.

Move Data to Cheaper Storage

The use of an archiving solution will allow your business to implement Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) which allows your IT team to move old data from expensive tier 1 storage to less expensive storage locations.

Something to keep to mind is that Waterford Technologies can provide you with a number of ways to do this. Bearing in mind that our software is modular in nature, our clients only need the parts that they really require.

Still Unsure About Archiving Software?

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