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It is costing you money NOT to have an Email Archiving Solution.

Not archiving emails costs you and your business a lot of money. I sat down a few years ago and counted the

Not archiving emails costs you and your business a lot of money.

I sat down a few years ago and counted the little yellow boxes I had created that are the folders down the side of my Outlook email client. There were a lot. Some were full of emails about deals that finished years ago.  But should I delete them? I might need them!  A dilemma.

If you are working in a mature business you will have seen emails from the IT department telling you to delete things to make space or you get an automated mail saying you are reaching your mailbox size limits. You ignore it until it gets critical because you have better things to do. If you are getting these messages then your business is probably not using email archiving and it is costing the company.

Does your Outlook or other email client have the same little wall of yellow boxes that sprawl down the left hand side of the page that you studiously drag things you want to keep into?  You may have to do this as the IT department have a purge of all mails after 6 months.  If you are being forced to do this, you are again wasting time and money.

Anyone who uses email in their daily lives for business and has done for some time knows how dependent we are on it.  We also know that much of what is in an email stays there and just hope you can get it back if needed. If you have email archiving facilities on your email server then this worry will all go away.

How much do your highest earners bring in to the business and how much is an hour of their time worth?  It may be a scary number. email archiving

So, why ask them to spend that valuable time analysing and filing and identifying mails to keep and delete.  Time that has no way to be recovered.  What if they delete a key mail they needed 2 years ago.  How much time will be wasted asking the IT department to recover it? Has it been permanently deleted? Again, this time searching is lost and if you aren’t using some form of email archiving, the costs will run into thousands and probably millions in a larger enterprise.

You have all spent time trying to remember the name of a client or a project that sent you mail a couple of years ago but is now deleted.  If you don’t have a search engine within your email client or a browser that allows you to recover any mail from whenever using part or all of a phrase or a name, it is costing your business money.  All businesses should remove the burden of email management from employees and automate the capture and retention of those mails at a central IT level in a central accessible email archive.

The benefits of using email archiving spread way beyond this.

  • Productivity will increase as none profitable time wasted on finding and managing emails will reduce significantly.
  • Knowledge in all emails, even old ones and those belonging to employees who have left will be easily accessible as business information to those with the right privileges.
  • Every mail will be captured and kept forever without bothering the users and will be instantly restorable, even years in the future using advanced search engines available within your email program. You will never need to worry about deleting messages again.
  • Disputes on who said what to whom will disappear as the exact content and date of the emails will be captured and date stamped.
  • IT systems will run more efficiently as policies will move mails over a certain age into the archive.

These are only a fraction of the benefits of email archiving and using software to manage this aspect of your business will allow huge efficiencies in tracking email usage, compliance HR issues and intellectual property security.

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