Council Mergers in UK- Merging Data

 Mark Mulcahy- Waterford Technologies

I mentioned about 9 months ago that we had embarked on a project to help certain councils in the UK that were merging with their email and file data.

What I found interesting as we worked through the various project meetings with these new expanded councils was the multitude of different issues that arose out of managing this data and what the difference priorities were;

Below are the most common issues they had and where the turned to us to help manage these issues;

  1. How am I going to consolidate the various data across now merged councils that were completely different? Merging Data
  2. While I’m merging data , how will my end users still keep access to this data?
  3. There’s too much data to merge!
  4. I know 80% of this data is rubbish….why am I bringing it all across to my nice new infrastructure?
  5. I need a safety blanket for my data in case I mess this move up?
  6. I want to remove all the older data before we merge?
  7. I want to tier the data in my new network but don’t know how to separate out the data?
  8. I need something to do the heavy lifting for me?
  9. Different councils used different email systems, How can I give them access to their old data?
  10. I know I can archive in Exchange but it’s not really changing anything, the disk requirement is still the same?
  11. Help me reduce my window for the merger project
  12. Keep me compliant from an email perspective
  13. Make sure 100% of email traffic is captured even during the project
  14. I’m going to make this process easy for me and not move any legacy emails across – How will I give users access to their historic emails?

As you can see, the important issues varied for each council as they had their own priorities and concerns. What didn’t vary is that we were able to help answer all these questions….

If you have some questions about merging data or about an Email or File Archiving solution, Talk to Us.