Keep Cutting Costs with Money Saving MailMeter


Cut costs not quality with MailMeter

by Mark Mulcahy


Fancy becoming top dog in the office? If you’re looking to save on costs without compromising on a quality service, MailMeter is the product for you.
MailMeter can not only reduce your email data by 80%, it can eliminate those dreaded PST files as well as provide extensive reports on how your email system is used within your organization. By creating much needed space for more emails, you’ll be able to abolish the need for additional costly servers, which will also ensure your IT team are put to good use in other areas.

The Impact of the Email

How important are emails within your enterprise? Having the security of an email archive such as MailMeter will work wonders for your business if you ever come into contact with compliance issues or FOI requests. Whether you’re faced by an invoice dispute or a high-profile law suit, proof of email could be the key to saving you thousands, even if it’s previously been deleted.

Become a cost-saving connoisseur with MailMeter

There are a number of ways MailMeter can help you become the boss of budgets, including:
• Total cost of ownership of data (TCO) is reduced
• No need for additional IT staff to spend time on unnecessary backups or email searches
• Time spent on generating in-depth reporting can be focused elsewhere
• Ensures the security of sensitive data
• On site hardware can be easily consolidated

The money saving options are endless and with MailMeter being a modular platform, you’ll only pay for what your business needs require. For more information about how you can start saving today, get in touch with the Waterford Technologies team.