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Dark Data – Insight for ROI

What is Dark Data? Gartner defines Dark Data as “the information assets organisations collect, process and store during regular business activities, but

What is Dark Data?

Gartner defines Dark Data as “the information assets organisations collect, process and store during regular business activities, but generally fail to use for other purposes”. Normally, it accumulates out of sight – hence the “Dark” moniker – and will not be useful to the bottom line as long as it resides there. Because of where it lives and the nature of its origin, most organisations are completely unaware of its existence. So how can you possibly have a chance of monetizing or deriving value from Dark Data?

Digging up Valuable Data

Steps to Uncover Dark Data

Before delving into finding, querying and setting policies to address the Dark Data element, the best approach is to take stock of  your known Data and ensure that it is being handled properly and its value being extracted.

Getting arms and minds around what is currently filling your known Data silos will help to identify the Data by type, source and age on a high level will prove an extremely useful exercise.

Next, identifying Data sources that will add value to what you find, or can be integrated in some way with other Data that adds ROI. Can this Data provide insight into business opportunity which is being currently missed?

Deleting redundant, trivial and obsolete Data from your servers, once you can see it for what it truly is.

SISCIN – The Solution for Dark Data

SISCIN from Waterford Technologies shines a powerful analytic light on Dark Data, giving detailed insight into all the unexamined information assets in an organisation.

Unleash the power of SISCIN’s analytic engine to bring to light all the Data assets that hide on servers (created as a consequence of doing daily business).

Enable the Big Data analysis, monetization and business potential of hidden Data assets with SISCIN analysis.

Reduce risk, compliance breaches and storage expense by uncovering Dark Data and making a Data-driven plan based on fact.


SISCIN Benefits for Dark Data

  • Ongoing Data Management – Once SISCIN analysis has run, Dark Data elements will be uncovered, tagged and policies enacted to manage this type of Data. SISCIN enables understanding of where all Data resides, how it’s stored, how it’s protected and what kinds of access controls maintain its security.
  • Strong Encryption – SISCIN’s strong encryption keeps all Data locked down and away from prying eyes and Data breaches. Organizations have the control to opt for even stronger security levels with SISCIN, retaining keystores in various places.
  • Retention and Data Management Policies – with a vastly increased focus on compliance in the marketplace, SISCIN enables Data Managers to create policies that make sense and encompass Dark Data entirely.
  • Auditing Data – Best Practice is that organizations conduct regular Data security audits, evaluating risks, exposures, incident response and policy. SISCIN helps to manage the risk of exposure as well as potential loss or harm associated with unknown Data. The powerful, ultra-adaptable drill-down reports that SISCIN provides enable proper and traceable management of all Data.
  • Compliance – with a massive global focus on compliance presently, having Data that you are unaware of – in terms of content or context – constitutes a massive and totally unnecessary risk.
  • Waste prevention – According to IBM, about 60 percent of Data loses its value immediately. Leaving Data unanalysed and becoming Dark will add to wasted potential ROI, while increasing the potential damage in risky Data.