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Dark Data Minus Analysis = Landfill

Unexplored Country “Big Data” is a very popular phrase and staggering statistics have been appearing in the Tech media for years to

Unexplored Country

“Big Data” is a very popular phrase and staggering statistics have been appearing in the Tech media for years to try to get a handle on the concept of just how quickly and exponentially it is growing. Independent research analysis firms such as Gartner, IDC and Forrester are constantly bringing out new and impressive comparative statistics on the topic. A lot of the fast growing Data volume on your servers is valuable, or may be valuable, or it may be so much trash…one thing for certain is that without proper analysis it is Dark Data.

How can you possibly determine value without the proper insight?

Analysis of Garbage

Creating the Landfill

There is a historic tendency to throw all Data, particularly Unstructured or Dark Data into the unexamined repository of backup without any analysis being carried out to assess the worth of the information. Alternatively it is left on the primary storage server, costing premium amounts to keep it there, slowing up scheduled backups (if not knocking them over) and generally providing a negative value to the business as a whole. Without an understanding of its component parts, unanalysed Data is at best a nuisance and with stringent Data retention legislation coming soon (GDPR and others) a potential company killer if Personal Data is found in an unsecure location – ignorance will not be an acceptable defence!

The Value of Analysis

  • Monetising Data assets – there is hidden value in the Dark Data that is hoarded historically and that which accumulates through day to day business activities. Big Data has valuable insights for your company!
  • Management – You can gain insight into the makeup of your Data assets and make decisions on its destiny, set up reports to gain ongoing business overviews and make informed decisions.
  • Compliance – as mentioned above, there is a global appetite for Data Compliance legislation and punitive fines could potentially kill your business instantly
  • Data Shrinkage – Proper analysis enables identification of deletable or achivable Data assets so you can vastly reduce your Data footprint on prime storage.
  • Cost and TCO – As a result of taking the correct remedial action on identified Data, the TCO of your Data Management is greatly reduced, freeing up budget to enable more rewarding investment in IT and business systems.

Waterford Technologies Data Analysis

Waterford Technologies are Data Management experts and our tools for Data Analysis enable compliant and decisive information oversight. Whether Cloud, Local Storage or On-Premise, we have the Data Analysis solutions to give your servers a springclean and unearth some value from the “landfill”. We also enable you to make decisions on the value of your Data instantly and move your selected Data to secure archive in the Cloud, Local Storage or On-Premise.

Contact us to discuss any of our Data Analysis solutions today!