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Data Archiving 101 with Mark

Welcome to Data Archiving 101 with Mark Mulcahy, this is a new video series brought to you by Waterford Technologies. We bring you the latest discussions around the data management topics that should be top of your list of priorities. Mark Mulcahy our Technical Sales Director will be discussing the latest trends in email and file management bringing in real-world examples to show how Email and File archiving and discovery can help.

Chief Executive Officers – Email & File Data Pain Points

Following on in our data management pain points series today we are going to discuss the key pain points the CEO’s and Executives face when it comes to managing their companies’ data.

I am sure you have heard many CEO agonise that there is never enough time to do everything that a CEO is responsible for. Despite this, CEOs remain accountable for all the work and compliance in their organisations. It is their overall responsibility as CEO to be a risk manager for the company.

From our previous discussions talking to IT and DPO professionals we know that data archiving and management is not just an IT responsibility.
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IT Department – Email & File Data Pain Points

Today we are going to discuss the key pain points that IT departments are suffering when it comes to managing their email and file data. The pace of change in technology and the associated risk of data breaches demand an effective risk and compliance management program for email and file data.

From discussion with our clients, we have found that a secure, robust, and scalable platform is essential not just for business growth but for business survival.
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Data Protection Officers – Email & File Data Pain Points

Today we are going to discuss the key pain points that DPO’s are suffering when it comes to managing their organisations email and file data.

So If your role is a Data Protection Officer, you are a leader in the field of corporate security as required by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other similar regulations. You are responsible for monitoring your company’s data protection strategy and its implementation to ensure compliance with the GDPR and other regulatory requirements.
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Lets Chat Data Archiving 101 – End of Year Special

Series 2 : Topic 3
Welcome everyone to our end of year special, thank you for listening along with us this year. We are looking forward to a new year with you by sharing tips to keep your new year’s data resolutions.

During today’s session Mark is going to go through some of the main points from the year, our client’s main pain points, some top tips moving into 2022 and he might just share a few snippets of what you can expect from Waterford Technologies in 2022.
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Changing Email Archiving Providers

Series 2 : Topic 2
Organisations have been archiving email for two decades, which means that most companies already have some kind of email archiving system in place. But what happens when a company decides to change the archiving provider or upgrade to a new solution? For example, if a solution goes end of life or they simply want to end their current contract. How can organisations future-proof (and continue using) your existing archived data?
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Office 365 Migration-What you need to know

Series 2 : Topic 1
Companies today have begun the daunting task of migrating away from their outdated office suite software towards a more robust and powerful Microsoft Office 365 (O365) solution. While there are some who have yet to make the leap, many companies, both large and small, have begun a massive migration toward O365. It would be foolish to encourage a business to steer clear of Office 365—there are just so many benefits it’s almost impossible to replicate. However, that doesn’t mean it should be the be-all for your email archiving solutions.
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Why do some organisations chose not to use an email or file archiving solution?

Topic 10
Welcome back to another episode on data archiving 101 with Mark. Today is our tenth episode and we have decided to turn things around and discuss why organisation choose not to use and email or file archiving solution.
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Microsoft 365 and Office 365 prices to increase next year — who is affected?

Topic 9
Welcome back everyone, today’s discussion is focused on the recent announcement that Office 365 prices are to increase next year

For those that have not seen, Microsoft have increased the list pricing of Office 365 (from March 2022): Doing it a month after announcing $70 billion annual operating income may not be the greatest timing! While the principle is sound, if you can make that much money…do you really need to increase the price? Today Mark and I are going to explore this price increase and what it could potentially mean for our clients.
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The Reality of Fulfilling Data Subject Access Requests (DSAR’s)

Topic 8
Welcome back everyone, today’s discussion is focused on the reality of fulfilling a data subject access request. For those of you have been here since the start of our series you may remember topic 2- Dealing with the increase in DSAR’s, where we talked about how Covid amongst other variables has caused a surge in DSAR’s. (Check it out if you have not already) Today we are going to continue that discussion but focus on a client case study to show the reality of fulfilling a data subject request.
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Legacy Access to Email in the Event of a Disaster

Topic 7
Welcome everyone to today’s discussion on legacy access to email in the event of a disaster.

Today Mark and I will be discussing why Email disaster recovery is a critical part of IT security. When email goes down, business continuity can go awry. Email downtime means reduced productivity, potentially lost customers, and lower revenue. When an outage occurs, the organization needs a way to restore email as quickly as possible. Also, it is not cost effective to keep every email in your g-suite or office 365.
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On-premises File Servers, Are you worried?

Topic 6
Welcome everyone, were back with another topic on Data Archiving 101 with Mark – today we are going to discuss On Premise File Servers,

As technology has matured, more and more businesses are well on their way to leveraging the benefits of the cloud. Contrary to file servers, the cloud allows easy scalability, enhanced mobility and collaboration between offices at a fraction of on-premise costs.
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Office 365 Backup – Do you need it?

Topic 5
We’re back with another topic on Data Archiving 101 with Mark – today we are going to discuss Office 365 Back up, should you turn it off?

Backing up Microsoft 365 can be a controversial question with some people suggesting you, absolutely need to back up and others saying there is no need. Sure there are some valid reasons to backup data in Office 365, but in general, do most organisations need it? Lets discuss.
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Archiving with Exchange on Premise

Topic 4
Welcome everyone, we’re back with another topic on Data Archiving 101 with Mark – today we are going to discuss Archiving with On-premise exchange. Companies that rely on the archiving capabilities featured as part of their On-Premise Exchange put the power to archive in the hands of each of their employees. Listen here to discover the risks associated when companies put the responsibility of Archiving into the hands of their employees and what organizations can do asap to make sure that they are not at risk of non-compliance?
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Archiving with Office 365

Topic 3
Today’s topic, we will be talking about Office 365. Most will agree that Office 365 provides invaluable tools for productivity and collaboration in the cloud however managing Office 365 Email compliance and discovery can be a challenge. Listen in here to discover the complexities of Office 365, the biggest gaps in the Office 365 Compliance solution, how to reduce your Office 365 Cost and finally why organisations need a third-party email archiving solution such as MailMeter with Office 365?
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Dealling with the Increase in DSAR’s

Topic 2
Welcome back everyone to Data Archiving 101 with Mark. So today’s topic is about the increase in DSAR’s or data subject access requests as some might refer to them as. Many companies are already struggling to adhere to data compliance obligations and Covid-19 has undoubtedly increased the pressure. For many organisations, it is DSAR’s that are the most common of these rights to be exercised and sometimes the most onerous to fulfil, especially given the strict response times that must be adhered to. Catch up with Mark as he reviews how organisations are handling subject access requests and how organizations can better prepare their email and file data in preparation for their clients or employees invoking the rights of GDPR.
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Topic 1
Today’s discussion is focused on Ransomware. Not a new topic but a popular one and one that has risen to one of the top priorities for IT. Organisations are feeling overwhelmed by the vast array of threats coming from all angles and are scrambling to figure out how they are going to protect their file data. Listen here to Mark’s insights on the topic.
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