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Improving Data Governance Practices

Need a review of your data management practices though unsure where to begin? We have put together a summary of practical ways to go about it. This ten-minute read could jump start your thinking on how to deal with the familiar (and the new) challenges of information management.

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Executive Summary

In this document, we discuss the benefits of effective data governance policies, and the potential risks to an organisation that may not have well-defined practices on protecting one of their most valuable assets: the information contained in their stored data and email records. We have suggestions on implementing straightforward methods for ensuring this essential business component is monitored and easily maintained in a legally compliant way.

Note – Changes in business operations due to pandemic and the implications for data management may mean processes need review. The movement towards remote work has been rapidly accelerated due to the pandemic. Has your organisation assessed what changes in the ongoing processes might need to be implemented as a result?

Download this white paper to explore the following topics-

– Know what you are storing

– How robust are existing data governance practices

– Taking steps towards best practices

– Scoping the review process

– Precautions around remote work

– Ongoing data management and security

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