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File Data Management – Easy as 1,2,3…

Data Management – The “Big Project” Myth There is a mistaken idea that getting a proper Data Management strategy implemented is an

Data Management – The “Big Project” Myth

There is a mistaken idea that getting a proper Data Management strategy implemented is an epic undertaking and it still persists through many companies. It is an idea that some of the “titans” of the industry like to perpetuate to justify their massive price tag! We enjoy debunking this myth every time and our Data Management Experts are keen to show potential customers – whether Cloud, Local or on-Premise – just how hassle-free our process is in practice!

Simple Data Management
Easy as 1,2,3…


As part of our mission to simplify Data Management, we use our Cloud solution, SISCIN,  which is a downloadable light agent that makes the Cloud data migration effort quick and easy. The SISCIN solution begins to work within seconds and your data is available to view within minutes. You can then decide what is valuable, what can be removed and then enact policies to ensure best practice Data Management.

Local Storage

SISCIN Local Storage uses the power of SISCIN analysis to give Data insights but retains your data at all times on your own network. This solution is ideal for clients who remain sensitive to Cloud concerns. Like SISCIN Cloud, you get Data Management insight in minutes and can then implement a strategy to suit your organisation’s policies on retention and compliance. This solution radically slashes storage costs.

On Premise

Right now, there are a lot of companies unwilling or unable (due to policy) to get their Data into the Cloud. We provide our File Analyzer tool to assist with immediate, clear oversight of your file storage ,and File Archiver to clean up your data to archive.

Best Practice

Whether you have a Cloud-focussed business or are avoiding migrating to the Cloud, the same simple process is followed:

  1. Understand what is on your file servers – Both SISCINand FileAnalyzer give you clear, immediate understanding and insight into your file server storage usage. Clear and powerful analysis gives informed Business Intelligence.
  2. Clean Up:both our Cloud and on-Premise solutions give you reports where you can see the oldest, most duplicates, and enable removal of these files from your server. Reclaim valuable storage space.
  3. Set a Storage Goal and use Automated Policies:  Both SISCINand File Archiver have automated policies to free up space on your file servers. Policies can enable files that are older than a specified time period, unneeded or unused to be automatically moved to a file archive where they are compressed, encrypted and stored for automatic retrieval*.

Data Strategy Review

Getting the right plan in place for you to review your data with all the information at your fingertips is the most important outcome. Work done at this point to implement policies that make sense for your organisation will save on time, effort and problems down the line. Our Data Management experts will guide you every step of the way in this process.

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