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Data Management for the Not for Profit Sector

How we can help you?

Budget constraints, Brexit, GDPR and Compliance or Data Protection regulations make the ever-growing strain on resources harder and harder to manage, especially when that budget could be used elsewhere. So, let us show you how we can help you;

  • To protect your data and your reputation.
  • To reduce your current costs by reducing data, backups and historical licenses and by applying the right licenses to meet your staffs needs and not just the most expensive.
  • To comply with GDPR across your email & file data & thereby reducing exposure to fines.
  • To increase efficiency by automating data management.
  • By offering specialised Not for Profit discounts of up to 40%.

What we do?

Waterford Technologies provides the solutions to help you manage compliance across your Email & File Data which will help you to become compliant with GDPR & other regulations. As a Charity you need to protect your data and to protect your charity’s reputation, we can help you achieve this and we will also save you time and money.

Who we are?

Waterford Technologies are compliance and data protection software specialists in Email (0365, Exchange, Gmail) & File (Office, Word, Excel, PDF etc) Management with over 20 years of experience. During that time, we’ve developed specialised skills and knowledge with Not For Profit organisations, to help them overcome the unique challenges that they face in regards to compliance, GDPR and Data Protection, due to the sensitive nature of their clients, donors, staff and organisers email and file data.

Get in touch to see how other Not for Profits protect and manage their compliance needs.

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What Our Clients Say

“In Pobal we support communities and local agencies toward achieving social inclusion and development. For a number of years we have been using the Email and File Solutions from Waterford Technologies & have developed a close relationship with their Team. Their Solutions and Support enables us to address the challenges in managing compliance, GDPR and Data Protection. This is of paramount importance to us due to the highly sensitive nature of our email and file data”.

Noel Galligan, IT Manager

“To help RehabCare meet our data protection obligations including GDPR we use Email & File Compliance Solutions (ComplyKEY) from Waterford Technologies.Specifically as a Not for Profit Organisation, transparency and accountability is paramount in the way we manage our data. ComplyKEY backed up with a fully managed service from the team at Waterford Technologies ensures we are best placed to meet the ever increasing data protection obligations & thereby avoiding the tough sanctions for those failing to comply”

Gerry Philpott, IT Director