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Data Retention Management – What it means to you!

MailMeter Data Retention Management Brian Murphy – Waterford Technologies Data retention management defines the policies of persistent data and records management for

MailMeter Data Retention Management

Brian Murphy – Waterford Technologies

Data retention management defines the policies of persistent data and records management for meeting legal and business data archival requirements. An email data retention policy weighs legal and privacy concerns against economics and need-to-know concerns to determine the retention time, archival rules, data formats, and the permissible means of storage, access, and encryption.

MailMeter Retention Manager is a powerful tool for granular destruction of messages from the MailMeter Archive. The user interface allows a designated administrator to set destruction time periods, organize users into groups, assign the groups to destruction categories, and set the frequency of destruction – message purge.Data Retention Management

1. Destruction Process – The Retention Manager Destruction process purges messages from the archive that exceed their retention criteria (all recipients have aged past their retention period). In addition, other messages in the archive will be purged:
Orphan messages – Any message where all recipients are not in your internal address book will be purged. For example: a message captured in a PST import or History Capture that was not from your organization and had no recipients on it from your organization.

Messages tagged as (Delete) – Any message that has been tagged in MailMeter Investigate with a tag that has (Delete) in its description will be purged during any Destruction Process.

Messages with corrupted or missing dates – Any message captured by MailMeter with its Sent and Received date as 0 is considered as January 1, 1900. You can search for those messages in Investigate and export them or mark them as (Hold) to protect them from purging.

2. User vs. System Delete:

User – MailMeter Retention Manager has the capability of removing messages from a user’s search while still retaining them in the archive. For example, if you want messages from Sales removed
after 3 years, but messages to Executives saved for 5 years, you can block the Sales team from seeing messages they sent to any Executive but the Executive can still see the message.
When all User retention periods have expired, the message is purged.

System – MailMeter Retention Manager has the capability of purging messages from all users. System delete overrides any User retention periods.

3. Legal Hold – MailMeter Retention Manager allows you to easily manage your Litigation Holds.

Message level hold
You can use MailMeter Investigate to tag messages as Litigation Hold – any tag that has (Hold) in the description. MailMeter Retention Manager will not purge the messages from the archive until the Hold tag is cleared. If a message passes its User retention period, it will still be kept in the archive searchable by MailMeter Investigate, but not visible to the end user.

Mailbox level hold
You can create a Group for a Legal Hold Category Retention period of 99 years. You can assign users to this group to protect any messages in their mailbox from being purged until their legal hold is released. You can put a mailbox in multiple groups.
When a user is moved back to their specific Group, the next Destruction process will purge

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