The Power of Data Reporting…


Powerful Reporting Features

The world of business can be a complex one and it is essential you organise your operations in advance. There may be certain times in the year where you must be prepared for any disruptive periods and ensure processes can continue in the most effective and efficient way.

One way this can be done is through powerful reporting features. Extensive storage reports will aid you in the analysis of how you currently store data within the organisation, which will then help you decide how you can make space. Our cloud computing software, FileAnalyzer Cloud will help you drill down into specific servers to establish those old, obsolete files that you can delete immediately.

The Impact of Great Data Reporting

Why is it so important that we report on business data?

  • You can establish when your old emails or files are being accessed and used
  • Decide how much of your stored data has any significance to business operations
  • Identify duplicate files, backups and unwanted emails that are taking up space
  • Determine times of the year when server storage capacity is at the highest
  • Acknowledge how obsolete data is impacting the competitiveness of your business
  • Recognise files that are exceptionally large in size and no longer needed
  • Catch inappropriate usage such as personal documents, music etc.
  • Regulate when and how often information is being stored

The reporting features that comes with FileAnalyzer Cloud will assist you in determining the true value of your business data. You can operate throughout the year without being conscious of an unmanageable server, meaning you can face any hiccups with ease. FileAnalyzer Cloud helps reduce your overall server storage by up to 80% and reporting features give you the ability to become proactive towards redundant files.

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