e-Discovery on Email

The Vital Importance of e-Discovery

Email can be one of the most important pieces of evidence in legal actions. It provides concrete details of statements made, pictures and documents, agreements and change orders, inappropriate language and state of mind. All organisations must be aware of the vital importance of e-Discovery  and the email flowing through their servers.

Beginning Vital eDiscovery Process

A Day in Your Company

  • Finance or HR may send or retain PII (Personally Identifiable Information) on email servers.
  • Sales people will make agreements which may contain contractual obligations.
  • Staff (no specific department) may send potentially inappropriate content to each other and outside the company.
  • Your IP – R&D staff may leak new product features, sensitive development project information accidentally or by insider threats.
  • IT staff will move and store information on a variety of secure and unsecure devices

No matter how many mailboxes you have or which industry you are in, email is one of your biggest legal exposures. Email is forever – even if you delete it, people can forward copies outside of your network. Every day there are news stories about scandalous emails being disclosed.

Early Case Assessment -Best Practices for e-Discovery

  • Using the practice of Early Case Assessment, management can quickly make a decision based on e-Discovery results – usually done in minutes.
  •   e-Discovery on email content gives your legal team insight into exposure, evidence, expanded potential problem areas, and clear-cut facts showing the likelihood of a legal win or loss clearly.
  • Using e-Discovery on email content, you can separate the emotions of people from the hard facts. Internal HR disputes, employee claims, customer complaints, internal warnings, side comments, and any cover up activity can quickly be identified to piece the story together and determine a course of action. Early case assessment is the best action to reducing legal costs.
  • With MailMeter Investigate, eDiscovery on email content becomes a standard tool in the legal and HR team arsenal. It’s easy to quantify the amount of email and the seriousness of its contents.

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