European Court of Human Rights – Workers Must Be Made Aware of Email Monitoring

ECHR Building - Email Monitoring Case

Why is it important that an employee is made aware of email monitoring?

In light of the recent ECHR (European Court of Human Rights) case that concluded in favour of the employee, responsibility has now been placed with organisations regarding email policies and email monitoring.

“The case of Bărbulescu v. Romania (application no. 61496/08) concerned the decision of a private company to dismiss an employee after monitoring his electronic communications and accessing their contents, and the alleged failure of the domestic courts to protect his right to respect for his private life and correspondence.”

All organisations are required to not only have an acceptable usage Email Policy, but also stresses the importance of that policy clearly stating that it monitors emails. This policy then needs to be clearly communicated to all employees.

How to implement an email policy in your organization

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Full court press release:
Grand Chamber judgment Barbulescu v. Romania – monitoring of an employee’s electronic communications