Is eCommunication Becoming A Business Risk

Social Business, Social Media, eCommunication. Can it harm your organisation?

Gary White – Waterford Technologies

When we look at modern business environments and communication channels, we see business communications changing in ways never seen before. Now we not only need to consider email but also Instant Messaging, Social Media and the way through to unified communications.  There is a vast array of different channels currently available and employed by organisations and the growth of data is staggering.

The question we need to ask is?

What is now classed as business critical, either from an information gathering point of view, client feedback be it positive or negative, through toecommunication eDiscovery and Compliance legislation. Organisations need to carefully look at the unique challenges that all of these different communication channels create, do they need to capture this information, can they easily access this information, can they cost-effectively manage this data, does it meet corporate guidelines and can they manage eDiscovery and Compliance requests both internally and externally.

More and more organisations are starting to ask these questions and including Instant Messaging and Social Media into their eDiscovery strategies. It’s now a question that I am asking myself, how could WE be affected by a retweet, repost or share, is inappropriate content being sent or shared internally via Instant Messaging? Are we responsible, can we manage it, can HR respond???

A comprehensive email archiving and eDiscovery system can manage what we class as eCommunications today, but what about tomorrow and the Social Businesses of tomorrow.


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