Email Addiction: Are Smartphones to Blame?

Sarah Vouga- Waterford Technologies

Smart phones. Phablets. Tablets. Blackberry, Android, Windows, and of course, the iPhone. The wonderful world of technology. Today, majority of people on planet earth, not excluding any continent or country, own a handheld device that will connect them to the internet, to their social media accounts and of course, their email inboxes, both personal and work. It’s amazing to think that even though the first smartphone came out in 1992, that it wasn’t until 2007 when Apple released their first iPhone to the world that the era of addiction to technology fell upon us all.

Are you addicted to your email?

  1. You constantly check your email and refresh it when at home, or during down time, be it a lag in a conversation, out with email archivingfriends, or doing one of the claimed hobbies you love as if the email has an allotted amount of time in which you have to open it before it is forever lost.
  2. You have on more than one occasion woken up in the middle of the night to check your email, responded if anything was in your inbox and went back to sleep.
  3. You emailed yourself just to ensure that your email is still working.
  4. You email yourself anything from funny memes, and news articles to Groupons you don’t want to forget about.
  5. You would rather send an email to your coworker/spouse/friend than actually talk to them.
  6. You get frustrated and grumpy when you don’t get a response as quickly as you feel you should have… you literally had just been emailing back and forth… what could have happened in the 5 seconds it took for you to send your reply for them to not say anything?!

This list could go on and on… but the best advice that can be given for curing this addiction: PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE! Regardless of what your job is and the position you hold, there needs to be some amount of separation between work life and YOUR life.
The second best advice that can be given: if fear of missing an email or the email somehow getting deleted due to technology malfunctioning or end user error, consider some sort of email archiving solution, one that captures and retains every email that comes into and leaves from your organization. Silence your fears. Put down your phone. And go live your life.


If email addiction is an issue in your company and fears of lost emails need to be resolved, call us today and schedule a demo!