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Here is how Waterford Technologies products delivered tangible results for our customers in 2013 It’s important as a software company that we

Here is how Waterford Technologies products delivered tangible results for our customers in 2013

It’s important as a software company that we stay close and listen to our customer’s requirements.  It’s also important we understand the results our products are delivering for our customers. After all that is why we are here to deliver real and tangible results which save our customer’s time and money.

Below is a snapshot of some of our customer’s experiences in 2013:

Email and Data Management Solutions

Affordable Email and Data Management Solutions which are guaranteed to save you time and money

Examples of practical ways in which MailMeter is benefiting our customers

  • A customer reduced its primary storage capacity from 750 GB to 250 GB within a 10 day period by analyzing its data, doing some housekeeping and implementing an effective stubbing and de-duplication policy to optimise their storage.
  • Email & Policy abuse – sensitive information leaving the organisation? In the past month we have assisted a number of organisations search and export email communication as a result of Compliance and Legal cases. We did this quickly, effectively and at nominal cost, while our digital signatures and encryption validated all emails as true and accurate.
  • We have a number of customers in leading Law Firms who have seen a 50% reduction  in the size of their mail store.
  • We have assisted numerous customers with legal investigations, using MailMeter Investigate we were quickly & easily able to search & retrieve the information required.
  • One MailMeter Customer reduced the number of file servers from 6 to 2.
  • One local authority are using MailMeter as a real time DR solution & they have achieved this at 25% of the cost.
  • In a large Government Organisation we have reduced their mail store from 8 TB to 2 TB.  Also the life span of their SAN has been greatly increased due to the reduction in non-essential data.
  • A customer identified 50% duplicated data on their file servers. By de-duping this data they reduced their data stores by 50%.
  • A customer implemented FileArchiver due to a Data Commissioner on site audit which recommended that they better secure their data. MailMeter  FileArchiver is now used to encrypt and protect all of their data.
  • A customer achieved disk storage reduction savings of 90%
  • A customer had no visibility or understanding of their data across a number of file servers, MailMeter  FileArchiver is currently being rolled out now and this will immediately provide them with valuable information i.e. how many duplicated files exist, how old are the files, when were they last modified, how many different files exit etc.
  • We found 100 gigs of data in a customer’s site that was nearly 10 years old, data which was been backed up daily.
  • MailMeter has been used extensively by a number of prominent Financial Services Companies for the search & retrieval of email for investigation purposes.


So it’s clear to see Email and Data Management Solutions cannot be overlooked if you want to protect your organisation from costly compliance & legal cases along with saving time and money on the management of non-essential data.

Don’t ask us, ask our customers!