Email Archiving – Always Be Prepared!

Outsourced Email Archiving

Your company faces increasing hardware costs and cumbersome backups trying to keep up with the ever-growing burden of storing emails on your servers. Recently passed laws and court decisions make it clear that you can’t just start dumping data. Outsourced email archiving has never been seriously considered.

So here is a simple management experiment that is relatively safe to conduct right in your office. Call in your IT staff or email systems administrator and announce that your company is going to reduce its email storage requirements by 20 to 50 percent or more. At the same time, tell them you will dramatically strengthen your ability to search and retrieve any email document that has ever passed through your email server.Email archiving

MailMeter Makes Outsourced Email Archiving Work for Your Company

We don’t know exactly how your employees will respond, but there may be nervous laughter if they fear they have missed a punch line. Then tell them to prepare for a fast, easy installation of our outsourced MailMeter solutions for email archiving. Our breakthrough products will soon be making everyone in the room look smarter, even as they improve your corporate bottom line.

Meanwhile, you will have access to more information than you have ever had about the real patterns of knowledge and communication in your company, without adding any clutter or disorganization to your desk or your day. This information has been collecting dust on your email servers for years. Now, with MailMeter’s outsourced email archiving, you can get at it and put it to work to make your company better and your employees more productive.


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