Email Archiving and Compliance

Is Your Company Compliant?

The roll out of new corporate legislation is placing greater burdens on SMEs (small and mid-sized companies). Your company must comply with every new amendment, whether you are aware of the latest changes or not.

Consequences of non-compliance can sometimes include criminal liability for executives and board members. And some fines coming down the line are enough to close most companies immediately!

Company Compliance

Email is the life blood communication channel within every company. Effective email archiving for compliance has become a major challenge for companies in the past decade. MailMeter has moved to the forefront in providing solutions to meet this challenge because of its immediate high ROI and ease of use.

Intelligent Spend = Immediate Compliance ROI

Maintaining email archiving for compliance is a cost of doing business, but no company wants to waste money on ineffective strategies. Any company that tries to take a piecemeal, content-driven approach to archiving some messages and disposing of others is placing itself at great risk. Make sure it is not yours!

MailMeter gives you immediate ROI:

  • MailMeter takes the pressure off your in-house email storage but archives every email
  • Preparing for or during audit – your key personnel can produce any email in seconds
  • Provides managers with a strong basis for confidence in their companies’ compliance
  • The financial outlay is reasonable and frees you from hiring in-house employees
  • Email archiving and compliance needs will be handled smoothly and comprehensively
  • Managers will have newfound peace of mind and greater ability to focus on growing your company’s bottom line.

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