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Email Archiving – Who Benefits?

IT Department – IT Director, IT Manager, Network Manager Cillian Sweeney – Waterford Technologies There are 2 core reasons why IT would

IT Department – IT Director, IT Manager, Network Manager

Cillian Sweeney – Waterford Technologies

There are 2 core reasons why IT would want to explore & deploy  an email archiving solution (i) address storage issues connected to email management (ii) reporting, i.e. have an e discovery portal to allow them to meet the organisation’s requirements regarding Freedom of Information, data retention, legal & compliance requirements.

Storage Deliverables
  • Take all email data off expensive tier 1 storage & move it to a cheaper location
  • De duplicate email data & only have a single copy of all email
  • Remove PST/NSF files
  • Reduce email back up times
Reporting Deliverables
  • Have a fast, easy to use e discovery portal for all email data
  • Enable an organisation meet its requirements regarding data retention & data disclosure
  • Allow end users self-manage their email rather than contact IT
  • Provide management with valuable data regarding how email is used within an organisation


Legal & HR Departments – internal or external legal counsel, HR Director, HR Email ArchivingManager

Individuals in these Department’s need the following:
  • A fast & accurate way to search for all email connected to an individual, topic, contract, client, etc.
  • An easy to use solution allowing them to locate this data. Sometimes legal & HR personnel will want to conduct the searches themselves. Alternatively this task can be conducted by the administrator in IT
  • Reliability & speed – the 2 most important features of an e discovery request. It is no good getting 80% of the data, likewise getting the information as quickly as possible is essential
  • Authenticity of data – the information retrieved has to be exactly what was sent/received on the given date. MailMeter uses an encryption process when archiving email in order to deliver this


Freedom of Information & Compliance – FOI Officer, Compliance Officer, IT Director

Requirements for these individuals include:
  • The ability to adhere to FOI legislation, financial regulations, data retention obligations, etc.
  • A transparent & ethical e discovery process
  • The ability to meet requirements to delete data such as credit card information, etc. from IT infrastructure


Senior Management – CEO, MD, Directors, Sales Manager, Customer Service Manager

Requirements of senior management include:
  • The ability to ensure minimal exposure to the organisation regarding data leakage
  • Enforcing policies & procedures to ensure intellectual property, patent data, client lists, etc are protected & held only within the organisation.
  • Knowledge management – how does our organisation use email, how long does it take our Sales or Customer Service team to respond to an email from a client or prospective client?

The MailMeter Email Archiving solution provides the answer to all of these requirements.

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