Email Archiving – The Benifits Must Be Seen In Black And White

Drivers for Archiving

Mark Mulcahy – Waterford Technologies

I’m often asked what the main driver is for our clients when it comes to acquiring Waterford Technologies email archiving solution”MailMeter”.

It’s never a straight forward answer as we provide functionality for:

  • Business Mangers via insight and the reporting modules for trend analysis in email communicationEmail archiving
  • Compliance/HR managers via our forensic and e-discovery tool set of “Investigate,Compliance Review and Retention Manager”
  • IT via “Storage Manager” to reduce size of email footprint
  • End users via “ISR” for unlimited access to all email

Email Archiving for E-Discovery

But, if you asked where our clients see the most benefit it is undoubtedly when the product is used in a formal forensic or e-discovery investigation that yields the results the client was looking for to help with the investigation.

Clients don’t ring me to say “ Hi Mark, Just ringing to let you know one of our end users used ISR to find an email last Thursday ! “

But, like 2 weeks ago when I took a call that went along the lines of “ Hi Mark, Just ringing to let you know MailMeter helped settle a potential 90 Million euro claim” ……. They see its benefit in black and white…or maybe that should be green…

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