Email Archiving: Capture, Retain, Manage

Email Archiving – The long-term solution for everyday IT problems

Cillian Sweeney – Waterford Technologies

Many organisations are overwhelmed by the sheer volume of email data residing in their IT environment. This means that many IT Managers spend their time with their finger in the dyke, moving data from one location to another because space is running out, enforcing mailbox quotas, giving people access to PST archiving

While this may relieve the headache for  today, it is really just creating a larger problem for tomorrow.

Email issues facing IT Managers include;

  • Lack of space on the email server
  • Creating PST files for everyone and/or management
  • Increasing backup times
  • Users constantly asking IT to find email data
  • How to locate email data should a priority request materialise (Legal, HR, F.O.I.)

Deploy email archiving today & achieve the following;

  • Streamline the email volumes
  • Extend the lifespan of email hardware
  • Reduce backup times
  • Have users self manage their email instead of contacting IT
  • Ensure a fast & accurate e discovery portal to email data is in place to meet reporting/compliance requirements

It is only when an organisation can capture all email data & archive it to a tamper proof location can they then decide how best to manage it.


Email Archiving is the only solution. Please take a minute & click here to see how you can capture, retain & manage your email data