Email Archiving – So Are You Feeling Lucky?

Email Archiving Solution – Can You Afford To Do Without One?

Cillian Sweeney – Waterford Technologies

Flicking TV channels over the weekend with nothing of interest jumping out at me I stumbled upon a classic which I hadn’t watched in ages – Dirty Harry. An iconic film of it’s generation with Clint Eastwood playing the part of a hard nosed cop who seems to have his own sense of morality and justice.

The film meanders to the most famous scene where he has a bank robber cornered and wonders aloud as to how many shots he has fired and if there may or may not be one bullet left in the chamber.

After finishing off the last of the popcorn, my mind wandered towards the occasions where we have spoken to heads of IT regarding the benefits of capturing email and storing it in an encrypted archive.

Some have used the logic, “I have never been asked to search for anything important so I think I’ll take my chances” – an understandable yet foolhardy position to take.

I ask them to picture a scene where the organisation is in the middle litigation or a Freedom of Information request has been sent. Eventually, IT is brought into the fold and asked to search to see if they can find the data requested.

How is IT supposed to sift through perhaps tens of millions of email to find the relevant one or multiple emails? Even if they find emails exonerating the organisation of any wrong doing or malpractice are they able to look their own legal counsel in the eye when challenged & say “Yes, I can confirm those are all of the emails related to the search” and “Yes, those are the exact emails which were sent and received” – a pressure situation.

Benefits of email archiving

The benefits of a proactive approach to email archiving rather than waiting for the scene above to play out include the following;

  • All of the organisation’s email is captured and stored securely – allowing you to be sure that you are providing all relevant emails related to the specific request
  • When your organisation’s email is captured, it is placed in a secure, encrypted archive ensuring that your data is safe and ready for recall
  • PST and NSF files are relocated to the archive taking them off of individual employee PC and laptops
  • A fast, forensic and user-friendly E-discovery portal is available to the IT/Compliance Officer/Freedom of Information Officer

So if you are an IT Director and you don’t have a reputable email archiving solution in place……….You’ve got to ask yourself one question, “Do I feel lucky?” Well, do ya?

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