Email Archiving! – Are you missing out?

Peter Sweeney – Waterford Technologies

Are you throwing away valuable business information?

Have you ever made a business contact and then asked them for their information and contact details and the response has been that they will email archivingsend you an email with the details.  At the bottom of most business emails will be all that you need. The name, company, address, direct dial number, main switchboard number and of course you have the email address too.  The content of the mail  may be a commitment or information on a vital deal.

So, you are happy that you have the information. But are you happy that your employees are capturing that valuable information?  You have given them the right to do what they want with those emails including permanently deleting them in many cases.   Modern email systems are a store of some of the most valuable information in any company.  And it can be thrown away or deleted at will.

Even if it can be found again, what amount of valuable employee time going to be spent retrieving it?  If you aren’t archiving your email, you are exposing your business to financial loss. There are whole host of legal liabilities that you may be exposed to if you don’t do this.  If you have a retention policy on data, why allow staff to make up their own rules on when the data is deleted?

By using email archiving, you are addressing a number of key business issues:

  1. You are meeting compliance requirements for retention and review of emails and for usage monitoring. All mails are captured and employees can’t delete this central store of emails.
  2. You are saving huge amounts of potential lost time in looking for information by having forensic search capabilities across every mail ever sent or received.
  3. You can monitor any email activity that may expose the company to liability
  4. You are creating a situation where spend on IT capacity is reduced and recovery times greatly speeded up.
It is vital in a modern business to undertake email archiving and if you would like to know more, please contact us