Email Archiving is a Must Have Solution!

Email Archiving – Manage the ongoing significant increase in email volumes & size of attachments:

Fiona Mulvaney – Waterford Technologies

With the exploding growth of email both in volume and size of messages, IT Departments are under pressure to deliver service to their users while maintaining a reasonable cost structure and providing access to the messages for legal purposes.

Our customers use our solution MailMeter  to significantly reduce email storage costs while providing a greater level of service to legal, HR, compliance, business managers, and end users. Email archiving has proven to be very beneficial.

On average our customer’s see storage savings of 80% and other savings they achieve include;email archiving

  • Reduction in back up times,
  • Elimination of PST files,
  • Improved reliability and performance of their MS Exchange servers.
  • Disaster Recovery is faster – Archive is available even if the email server is down. The email server can be recovered immediately with empty mailboxes and users can use archive to search for historical data.
  • More control of your total email storage costs and ability to manage it for future growth at a lower cost per message.


Below please find two examples of the actual storage savings that our customers achieved where we stubbed 3 mailboxes;



Mailbox Name                 Size before Stub               Size after Stub

Mailmeter1                        239,299K (234MB)            48086K (47MB)

Mailmeter2                        75,788K (74MB)                10689K (10MB)

Mailmeter3                        458,217K (447MB)            99038K (97MB)

In real terms it’s an 80% reduction in total file size saving over half a GB storage on just 3 mail files.



This large customer has approximately 4,500 mailboxes with an MS Exchange mailstore of 5-6TB.

During our seven day evaluation our solution captured 188,000 messages.

MailMeter reduced their MS Exchange Mailstore by 70%


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