Email Archiving Policy – Why is it so important?


You Can’t Afford Not to Have One

Any manager worried about whether or not they can afford the cost of implementing an email archiving policy should consider this: with the explosive growth of email as a form of corporate communication, no company can afford to do business without a policy governing email retention.

The fact is that cost of negligence could be catastrophic if your company faces an e-discovery request in a lawsuit or an audit by government regulators. This is without mentioning the many benefits of being able to deal with internal investigations and requests more efficiently.

Archiving Policy – Affordable Solution

Fortunately, MailMeter email archive solutions are affordable, user-friendly and easy to install. While we provide powerful advanced options to meet the specialized needs of our clients, our core MailMeter Archive solution is a great start for many businesses.

MailMeter Archive provides what any company needs to implement an email archive policy focused on email retention.

MailMeter Is Answer to Your Email Archive Policy Question

MailMeter Archive lessens the burden on your email servers and reduces associated costs. At the same time, you’ll rest assured that MailMeter is capturing and archiving every email that passes through your email server in keeping with your email archive policy.

The next time an auditor or regulator asks about what email controls and archiving policies your company has in place, you will find it very satisfying to tell them about MailMeter and what you have accomplished to make your company better.

MailMeter’s reliable email archiving protects your company from crisis and helps you recover quickly from any server disaster. The integrity of your email storage is guaranteed by the software’s tamper-free archiving architecture. No email messages or documentation can be deleted from the archive by any employee.

Learn More About MailMeter

Want to see how MailMeter can help your business tackle its email archiving challenges? Click here to see how we helped Donegal County Council take control of their archive and more efficiently respond to Freedom of Information requests.

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