Email Archiving – Protecting Children

Responsibilities of School Districts

Jessica Bakkers – Waterford Technologies

School districts have many responsibilities. First and foremost, it is their duty to enlighten and educate young minds and shape them into self-Email Archivingsufficient members of society. In order to ensure the future of the children, safety also falls within the high priorities of the school districts.

Every year, school districts face numerous lawsuits that could cost them upwards of a few million dollars. Though there are many different areas of threats, one way to minimize legal ramifications could be in the way that schools store, manage and archive their emails. While email archiving may not be the entire solution to avoid legal battles, it can certainly provide assurance that their email records are stored and captured in real-time in a tamper-proof archive. Quick access to email records will eliminate the stress of having to locate emails, even from years past.

Email Archiving Highlighting Improper Activity

By implementing email archiving practices, school districts can perform internal investigations to spot suspicious or improper activity, locate evidence for staff discipline or dismissal, or easily defend staff against false email claims.
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