Email Archiving – A room without a roof?

Does your Email Archiving Solution enforce compliance? stimulate storage savings? and speed up e-discovery?

Cillian Sweeney – Waterford Technologies

I was driving back from a meeting with an NHS client recently on a glorious day when the recent hit from Pharrell Williams, Happy, came on the radio. It was while murdering the chorus with my awful yet distinctive singing voice that I started to think back on one of the lines from the song – you all know the one!


I was rerunning the details of the meeting in my head;
  • We are running out of space on our Exchange email server, currently at 4TB & rising
  • Migrating to Exchange 2010 inexplicably restored all copies of our email quadrupling our email database overnight
  • We have 5,000 PST files that are completely unsupported
  • The biggest mailbox has 3GB of data & belongs to a person who retired 4 years ago!
  • We have had to abandon our mailbox quotas as users keep exceeding them & creating PST files
  • My Network Administrator had to spent 6 hours last week finding an email a Director sent last year

email archiving

The purpose of the meeting was to tell the IT Director life doesn’t have to be so. We ran a pilot of our email archiving solution, MailMeter, over 2 days and shared the following;

  • MailMeter captured 72,000 emails in just 2 days
  • It will delete all duplicate copies of email thereby shrinking the email database
  • This reduced volume is further compressed & placed in a tamper-proof archive where will be digitally stamped
  • Mailbox quotas will be no more
  • Users will have access to their own historic email data so there will be no need to trouble IT
  • PST files will be eliminated by moving them to the archive
  • Test searches for data were ran, searches took just seconds to retrieve email – this would be useful if ever email had to be retrieve for F.O.I., Legal, HR or Compliance purposes
  • Email backup times would be slashed

So is your email data like a room without a roof?

Find out more about how MailMeter Email Archiving will enable you to achieve the above.

Because I’m happy……………………………………