Email Archiving Services

Email Server – Top Priority in Investigations

If you have ever stopped to think about where your company keeps its historical archives, we suggest that you think about that question from the point of view of a legal adversary. One of the first places adversaries or investigators would look would be your email server and archiving media. They would come equipped, no doubt, with powerful tools to dredge up your data from even the dustiest old servers, hard drives and backup tapes.
Unfortunately, many companies have very little idea what is contained on those old drives. They have even less idea whether important email documents can be retrieved. They desperately need MailMeter’s email archiving services.


Email Archiving will improve your bottom line

MailMeter Email Archiving Services Will Improve Your Bottom Line
The straight talk on MailMeter email archiving services is that it will improve your bottom line by saving storage costs, improving employee productivity and protecting you and your organization from expensive legal, regulatory and/or criminal difficulties. With MailMeter, you’ll never worry again about your ability to search and retrieve any email documents from our secure, tamper-proof email archives. MailMeter maintains full body text, subject lines and header information, attachments, sender and recipient(s) and other key file documentation, including file size, domain and folder placement, on every email that is sent from or received by any email account in your system, internal or external.

Get ahead of your adversaries today with MailMeter’s affordable, cost-effective email archiving services. Our installations are usually completed within four hours. Our “do what it takes” customer support professionals are waiting to assist you.