Email Archiving Solution

MailMeter is an easy to use and affordable email archiving solution from Waterford Technologies. MailMeter captures and pre-indexes every email in real time to provide a complete, unalterable secure email archive.

We know that different companies have different needs. As such, we offer MailMeter as an on premise solution to support your local or hosted needs. You can also opt for MailMeter as a hybrid model which allows you to keep part of your archive infrastructure locally or as a fully hosted solution.

MailMeter makes email archiving easier for your business and our email archiving solution is everything you need to:

  • Capture, encrypt and compress all incoming and outgoing mail
  • Index everything including attachments so they can be quickly found
  • Preserve the integrity of the content for reproduction
  • Import email from your email system and import external PST/NSF files

How MailMeter works

MailMeter begins its data capture on all new email messages after it has been installed. The optional MailMeter History Capture can import your entire existing archive email database.

As part of its data capture process, MailMeter Archive assigns each component of each message a content based digital signature or fingerprint.

This provides you with the knowledge and assurance that any searches or retrievals that you carry out on the MailMeter archive in the future will provide you with the original unaltered content of the initial email transaction.

MailMeter works seamlessly with your existing email infrastructure and provides you with a comprehensive secure and verifiable archive of all your organizations correspondence.

Modules built around your needs

Our MailMeter modules help you to achieve the perfect email archiving solution for your company. We’ve created these modules so that you can create the perfect solution for your needs. Our modules include:

MailMeter Storage Manager

Allows you to overcome large mail stores including personal archive files.

MailMeter Investigate

Allows you to carry out in-depth search and analysis – designed for legal professionals and trained staff.

MailMeter Insight

Powerful drill-down reporting that provides advanced intelligence about email activity, usage patterns and trends.

MailMeter Individual Search and Retrieval (ISR)

Search your own email archive with fast, intelligent searching

MailMeter Retention Manager

Manage your email records in a powerful way. Set retention policies or litigation hold based on group categorization of messages.

MailMeter Compliance Manager

Provides a regular, small sample of email messages for specific keyword or content violations.