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Email Archiving – What price would you pay to find that email?

Avoid the pain of lost data – try Email Archiving with MailMeter by Mark Mulcahy – Waterford Technologies We have all been there,

Avoid the pain of lost data – try Email Archiving with MailMeter

by Mark Mulcahy – Waterford Technologies

We have all been there, putting off tasks we know we should do today. In business as well as in our personal lives we postpone tasks because (i) there are other more immediate issues to resolve (ii) we detest the task in hand & prefer to spend our time on more enjoyable things (iii) don’t have time to worry about tomorrow’s problems as I have my hands full dealing with today’s.

But as we all know, just like the dentist visit, moving today’s issues to tomorrow can have painful consequences.

This is very true for IT Directors/Managers who cannot or will not put in place an email archiving solution to capture, store & report on their email data.

Situation 1 – Legal request for data

Legal counsel contact the IT Director to inform him that the organisation is in litigation against another. They require access to any emails that may be related to the case. They need to be certain of the following before they can commence formulating their legal position (i) what was sent (ii) who sent it (iii) who received it (iv) was this exactly what was sent/received (v) when was this sent/received

It is only if the IT Director can answer all 5 questions above in full can the legal team then proceed with certainty & confidence

Situation 2 – Freedom of Information & requests by Regulated Bodies

An FOI request comes into IT from an external organisation or internal Compliance Officer. Or, a regulatory body such as the Financial Regulator raid an organisation & demand access to specific data, some of which resides in email. IT have to be able to locate all relevant information in a speedy fashion. Any delayed or incomplete disclosure will have financial consequences & will not be tolerated.

Can IT meet this request today?

Situation 3 – Data leak from organisation

One of the organisations top Account Managers has left & joined a rival. They looked after the most lucrative clients on behalf of the organisation. Is the company exposed by rumour that the Account Manager exported all of his/her business contacts from Outlook & forwarded them onto their personal email account so that they can then set about stealing those clients for the rival company?

This is not an IT issue but management within an organisation would expect IT to confirm if there was a data leak that could create commercial/intellectual property exposure

Situation 4 – Company sensitive information lost

A call is received by the Director of IT from the CEO, he/she was storing vital information locally on his/her laptop in PST files and now cannot locate it. The IT Director should know that PST files themselves are not even supported by Microsoft meaning that if they become corrupted, get deleted or the laptop breaks/gets stolen that there is no way to retrieve that data.

How does the IT Director explain this to the CEO & still expect to look like he/she is running the IT Department. in an intelligent & professional fashion and is in control of the organisation’s data?

Unfortunately even in today’s high-tech world many IT personnel wait for one of the above to happen before doing anything.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Find out More about Email Archiving today & see how you can capture all of your email data, store it securely & have the ability to retrieve all of it with the click of a mouse.