Email Archiving! Without it Your Company is at Risk

Email: Low cost/High risk

Jessica Bakkers – Waterford Technologies

We have come a long way from handwritten letters. Today, businesses survive on prompt communication between consumers and partners. Asemail archving endearing as it is to receive a penned letter in the mail, it simply cannot match up to the benefits of email. Aside from speed and accessibility, one major advantage is that email provides a low cost solution for business communication. Keeping in touch with past clients, sending follow-up emails to new clients, mass email marketing to thousands, and so on!

Email has certainly proved itself to be an overall low cost asset, however, it comes with high risks leaving businesses vulnerable. Since a lot of companies run off of email communication rather than phone or in-person communication, email has the ability to cause large financial harm if it is not properly monitored and stored.

It is human nature to build relationships, whether with fellow co-workers or clients, and at times, employees can lose sight of the line between business and personal. An honest mistake could lead to a potential compliance issue and/or lawsuit. Email archiving is one of the simplest ways to ensure the safety of a company. Among many others items, some of the best email archiving benefits are:

  • Compliance monitoring
  • Employee productivity tracking
  • Protection of trade secrets

Email archiving trends are growing in popularity for a reason. With the rise in high profile email scandals and lawsuits, many companies are turning to the simple solution of compliance archiving.

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