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Is Office 365 enough for your email compliance?

Ensure Compliance, Save Money and Enhance Efficiency with Office 365 There are no doubts that office 365 is an invaluable tool for

Ensure Compliance, Save Money and Enhance Efficiency with Office 365

There are no doubts that office 365 is an invaluable tool for productivity and collaboration in the cloud, however, legislation with the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) or indeed The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), managing email compliance for office 365 can be a challenge and it is important to be aware of the compliance gaps it presents.

In parallel to this, cloud adoption is growing unabated, with email being one of the key workloads that organisations have identified for the cloud. Email is a business-critical platform that typically holds vast amounts of sensitive and confidential information while there are eDiscovery capabilities within O365 that need to be carefully considered.

Office 365 (E3 and E5 ) versus Third-Party Solutions

There is a maze of licensing options within O365 and it can be difficult to navigate what is suitable for your organisations’ requirements. As well as, that there are significant cost differences between different options, for example between the lower end E1 licenses and higher-end E5 licenses. From a compliance point of view, you will need a minimum of Microsoft E3 licenses with the Advanced Compliance add-on or else full Microsoft E5 licenses to ensure you are covered from an eDiscovery perspective. This is where utilizing a third-party solution for the compliance piece can deliver benefits such as significant cost savings, better capabilities, and time savings.

Source: Osterman Research, Using Third-Party Solutions with O365, 2019

To learn more, watch our webinar ‘Is Office 365 enough for your email compliance’. It will discuss further in-depth and highlight the gaps in O365 compliance that Waterford Technologies can address. Areas that will be explored include;

  • Compliance Gaps
  • Shared Mailboxes and the issues they present for compliance
  • O365 complexity
  • The importance of Retention Management
  • The issue of costs and how to slash these without compromising on compliance

Click on the link to watch now:

Why Chose Waterford Technologies?

Waterford Technologies is a pro-active Email and file Compliance and Management focused, solution provider. Waterford Technologies has vast experience in helping our clients meet their compliance requirements, reducing risk, and addressing eDiscovery requests easily, quickly and successfully.

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