What is “Not Safe For Work” email?

Inappropriate Message Content

While most workplaces have clear email compliance policies enforced by HR and signed by all new employees; yet a whole lot of improper emailing still goes on during office hours!

A careless email can be a termination offence and as a result: damage a businesses reputation. Most of all inappropriate content include jokes, discrimination, harassment or a leak of company information.

Inappropriate Message Content
Inappropriate Message Content

Email Compliance

Since you can’t see it happening, how can you as either a HR, IT or Line manager enforce email policies?


6 Tips for Email Compliance Policy
6 Tips for Email Compliance Policy

MailMeter Finds Inappropriate Message Content

3 solution modules for managers:
  1.  Compliance Review – select a list of words to find inappropriate content. Analyse each email and compare the body text against the list. Managers or reviewers can finally see who is abusing company policy.
  2. Investigate – search the entire company email archive for inappropriate message content. Authorise either investigators, Legal or HR personnel to conduct searches. Searches can be simple or complicated Boolean expressions on groups of users, data ranges, and more.
  3. Insight – over 40 reports show all email activity by user. All reports have full drill down to message content. Also automatically mail reports to managers and end users. Every message sent and received by Sender, Receiver, Domain, Attachments, etc.

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