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The Importance of Data to Ensure Corporate Email Compliance

Regulatory compliance is a hot topic for businesses across the world. The dramatic increase in the amount of data collected and processed

Regulatory compliance is a hot topic for businesses across the world. The dramatic increase in the amount of data collected and processed by companies coupled with the increase in laws and regulations they must follow presents a number of challenges to businesses both large and small.

This is particularly through for organizations doing business in Europe with the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This regulation has wide reaching implications for how data is collected, stored and processed.

The GDPR also has real teeth with significant penalties for those organizations found to be in breach of their regulatory requirements. The time to start planning for the GDPR is now as major changes to your business processes may be necessary.

Data is the Key to Compliance

The key to meeting your regulatory requirements is data. Not just the ability to securely store data for the required period of time, but also being able to search for and retrieve relevant data when asked to.

Here are just some of the reasons why having data at your fingertips is important:

  • Government regulations such as FOI, GLBA, Basel II and the Data Protection Act all require organizations to store email in a tamper-proof and accessible location. All of this data must be easily retrievable in order to comply with these regulations.
  • More and more organizations are learning that they have to maintain an easy to retrieve archive of email for the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), SOX Sarbanes-Oxley, FINRA, SEC, HIPAA, Basel II and other requirements.
  • Courts have overwhelmingly opposed any attempt at manual archiving, which allows users to determine what should be saved. An automated solution is the only cost effective way to meet email compliance regulations.

How MailMeter Helps With Your Email Compliance Needs

Our email archiving solution MailMeter enables IT and legal personnel to find all email pertaining to a legal request within seconds. After the relevant data has been located the results can be then printed, emailed or exported to a PST (Personal Storage Table) file instantly.

MailMeter has an advanced search interface with an extremely fast response time which enables you to:

  • Quickly, easily and confidentially respond to legal discovery requests, Freedom of Information and post-employment requests, internal investigations and auditor queries.
  • Save money by reducing the time that expensive in-house counsel, paralegals and IT staff spend searching for email.
  • Give you more accurate information and can stop frivolous claims or settlements because you can get to the truth quickly and inexpensively.

Low Cost Efficiency: Additional MailMeter Modules

Our MailMeter Archive, Investigate and Compliance Review modules form a powerful suite of solutions for meeting compliance regulations at a low cost.

Archive captures all messages and attachments with no chance of loss.

Investigate delivers a powerful combination of fast searching and ease of use. Operating on the archive of captured messages, it can quickly find any messages by email address, content (full Boolean searching), date range, and search any combination of message body and attachments.

Compliance Review automatically executes summary reviews of email and alert compliance officers and reviewers of non-compliant email that requires attention.

How Can Email Archiving Help Your Business?

Still unsure of how an email archiving solution can help your business? Get in touch with the team at Waterford Technologies and we can discuss your organization’s needs and requirements by clicking here now.

If you would like to see our software in action, we also offer a free and tailored demonstration of any of our products. Just fill in the request form and a member of the team will be in contact.

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