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Email Continues to Grow Exponentially

Messaging Options Grow It is 2018 and we are spoiled for choice in terms of business communication. Whether it is internal work

Messaging Options Grow

It is 2018 and we are spoiled for choice in terms of business communication. Whether it is internal work group collaboration or external correspondence with customers and prospects, the options for interaction continue to grow. In such a landscape, with chatbots, IM, video calls, social media messaging all freely available, it would be forgivable to mentally write off the “old school” email as a thing of the past. However, recent research has shown that not only has email not declined in popularity but contrarily has continued to grow exponentially.

Why is this happening and how is it being managed by organisations already deluged by Data?

Email Growth Picture

“In 2017, the total number of business and consumer emails sent and received per day will reach 269 billion, and is expected to continue to grow at an average annual rate of 4.4% over the next four years, reaching 319.6 billion by the end of 2021.” The Radicati Group, Inc.

Why Email?

There are many reasons that email remains popular and continues to grow year-on-year with regards to the number of accounts and volume of messages sent:

Record of Communication

Email is the business communication of record and messages are retained in a user’s inbox (unless deliberately deleted), creating a virtual paper trail. Email has a deserved status of trusted communication and maintains a verifiable record of business communication.

eDiscovery and Audit

Both On-Premise Exchange and Cloud providers such as Office 365 allow the possibility of searching emails with the addition of a powerful email search software such as MailMeter empowering eDiscovery and Audit functions and massively speeding up these business-critical processes.


This one factor is critical to email’s survival and growth as social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn require both parties to have an account with the provider and also both users to be “active” on the medium. Otherwise the communication is going into a void.


Email allows large scale group communication to take place completely privately with none of the participants aware of the identity of the others but still receiving the same message at the exact same time.


An email address is required to open an account on a social networking site, conduct ecommerce and to perform online requests for information, downloads and more.

How to Manage Email Growth

With the increased focus on managing Data coming from new compliance legislation such as GDPR and the ever-present threat of legal action requiring robust eDiscovery technology, managing a growing Unstructured Data source has never been more important. Email, the lifeblood of business communication, is square in the target zone for this legislation.

Waterford Technologies’ MailMeter is a leading email management system that enables eDiscovery, archiving and reports on email usage across your organisation.

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