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Email Monitoring Software Can Save You Time & Money!

We can help you save time & money WITHOUT taking up your time… and its not just us telling you, our customers

We can help you save time & money WITHOUT taking up your time…

and its not just us telling you, our customers say it also!

Sometimes when customers think about embarking on an Email Archiving Project they envisage it’s going to be weeks of work doing pre project planning, installation, roll out, training etc. and even when the Email Archiving product is deployed how will users react, what will be the ongoing management / administration of the system require etc. There is no doubt some Email Archiving products require a large amount of time, however with MailMeter this is not the case and its not just us saying it, here is what one of our customers has to say.


Belfast HSC Trust Enjoys Hassle-Free Roll-Out of MailMeter Email Email monitoringArchiving to 18,500 Users in Five Days.

MailMeter is helping the trust to minimise storage costs and meet our governance requirement’s. It took just five days to install on 18,500 mailboxes across over 100 sites – other suppliers had proposed to take weeks or even months. We are now capturing around 100,000 + live emails per day and have implemented stubbing which has reduced our Email store by more than 6TB” Ken Leung, Release Manager, IT & Telecommunications (Service Delivery), Belfast Health & Social Care Trust.

Below are some of the key tangible benefits MailMeter delivered for the Belfast NHS Trust;

  • Deployed within 5 days
  • Reclaimed nearly 50% of expensive storage space
  • Cut backup window from 16 hours to 6
  • Captures all email – 150,000 per day
  • Simple to manage and maintain
  • Meets governance obligations


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One of the great benefits of MailMeter Email Archiving Solution is this whole process can be largely be done by Waterford Technologies with little impact on your resources.  Once you build the server and inform us it is ready to go our Engineers take it from here.  Once the installation is complete MailMeter is simple to manage and maintain.  Independent Analyst have commented about MailMeter that the “Ease of management and the “hands-off” nature of the products, meaning product can be deployed & largely runs itself”.


So if you need to save time and money on email monitoring, but don’t want the hassle, talk to us today.