Email Obesity? – Try An Email Archiving Solution!”

Trim Down Your Email Today

Cillian Sweeney – Waterford Technologies

IT personnel work in a digital A&E ward. Time is largely spent reacting & responding to crises of varying levels of seriousness. Priority lists, while they do exist, change constantly usually decided by the “which fire is burning largest” methodology. The volumes of data IT have to manage are now a multiple of that of even 3 years ago. The effort & time required now by IT to manage that data is growing by the week. The type of data IT have to manage has evolved to introduce further complexity to an already overbearing problem.

The growing reason for an Email Archiving Solution:

email archiving solution
Note: Data Based on annual surveys
Source: Radicati Group

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Email issues facing IT:

  • Our backups are taking too long
  • I cannot get the time to implement a smart backup solution
  • Users are hoarding email data locally in PST folders
  • That data in the PST folders is commercially important to the organisation but I have no way to back it up
  • Management/Directors want me to retrieve email data for them at a drop of a hat
  • We cannot adhere to our email compliance regulations in relation to Freedom of Information, SOX, etc
  • If the organisation ever finds itself in a legal search for email data I hope I can identify which back up tape to access
  • Even if I do manage to find the requested data in the backup tape how can the Legal Dept. be sure this was the exact email sent/received?
  • How can I delete data such as credit card numbers from our systems?

It doesn’t have to be that way.


Think of how much easier things would be if you could do the following:

  • Implement single instance storage of email, one email one copy
  • Slash backup times
  • Archive all email to a secure tamper-proof location
  • Have users search for their own email rather than contacting you
  • Eliminate unnecessary exposure regarding PST’s
  • Meet your email compliance requirements
  • Have a speedy e discovery portal for legal searches for email
  • Extend the lifespan of current email hardware
  • Learn about how your organisation uses email & work smarter to drive technical and financial efficiencies


Take a minute & look at our email archiving solution, MailMeter, to find out how you can trim down your email today.