Email & Policy Abuse – Is it Hurting Your Organisation?

Data Loss Through Abuse

Do you have sensitive information leaving the organisation through abuse?  Feel you have no control over it?  Every day organisations are running into legal cases due to not being compliant. However there are solutions out there to help! It can be done quickly, effectively and at nominal cost, while  digital signatures and encryption validate all emails as true and accurate.

Email Abuse

Why have an email policy in place if you have no way of enforcing it? Most organisations allow for a small amount of personal email communication, its only when it gets excessive that it causes a problem. Don’t let email continue to be a black hole for you, take control and understand the nature of your organisations email communication.  Discover productivity issues, customer service problems, inappropriate behaviour, compliance violations, etc. A good Email Archiving solution will have built in compliance capabilities that provide visibility into:


  • Who is sending the most email and who are they sending to?
  • Who is receiving the most email – where is it coming from?
  • Who is receiving the most email outside of your organization?
  • Who is sending the most email to your organization? Competitors, Customers, Recruiters, etc.?
  • What people have the most email conversations between them? What are they about?
  • What are the most popular subjects of email messages? Who sends them?
  • What attachments are flowing through our email system? Any suspicious ones? Who is sending them?
  • What attachment types are we receiving? Is our content filter blocking effective? Are there any unusual ones? What are the counts of the different attachment types?
  • What are the trends in volume – averages and totals – by hour, by day of week, by day of month? Inbound? Outbound? Internal? Does it showing staffing problems? What is the activity in the server outside of normal business hours?
  • What mailing lists are being used? Are there obsolete ones?
  • What are the current sizes of people’s mailboxes? What attachment types do they have? Do they have most of their information in folders? Inbox? Deleted Items? What are their largest emails?


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