Why Encryption Is Key To Eliminating Breaches

Horror Stories

It is October – Halloween is coming along pretty soon but if your business deals with customer Data, the selection of horror stories in terms of high-profile Data breaches is more impressive than a Netflix or Shudder menu. With Equifax being hacked (twice in as many weeks!) and even information security giants such as Deloitte and now Accenture facing serious credibility  issues, Data leaks are almost becoming the “norm”. The solution of Data encryption as a “ghostbuster” to these tales of horror must be explored further.


Headline-grabbing financial pain in the form of immediate loss, a follow on wave of class action lawsuits and (coming soon to a Boardroom near you..) GDPR fines that could potentially shutter a company alone all go well beyond “IT’s problem”.

There is no “silver bullet” for Data leakage but the use of encryption and proper key management is definitely a massive step in the right direction.Using popular encryption technologies and applying them to real business problems is bread and butter for business grade cryptography.   

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SISCIN Encryption

With SISCIN from Waterford Technologies, Data is ALWAYS encrypted before it leaves the customer site. It is not dependant on your storage provider encrypting it. The key can (and should) be kept with a different provider, meaning in the event of unauthorised access being gained to your Cloud Storage, there is no recoverable Data available to pilfer.

SISCIN customers can go even further with encryption and split a single Data file across multiple storage providers (again, with encryption) meaning that even if access is secured (and if it can be decrypted) because the hackers only have half of the file, there is no recoverable data available to them.

Customers who use SISCIN have an extra layer of protection that they are in full control of. No longer just dependant on storage providers or system administrators to do the right thing, SISCIN gives the peace of mind, security and control back to Data Managers.

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