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End Of Life for Your Email Archiving Software?

Gary White- Waterford Technologies End of Life or EOL are the dreaded words that no IT professional wants to or needs to

Gary White- Waterford Technologies

End of Life or EOL are the dreaded words that no IT professional wants to or needs to hear when it comes to your Email Archiving Solution.

That moment when you realise the hours / days/ weeks and years put into perfecting a solution to your specific problems is now about to become obsolete and non-supported. The upside you will be told is that the company or the company that have taken them over can offer another solution, which is no way similar to your current setup for a multiple of what you originally paid, with a massive increase in support renewals !!! And for a minute you thought it was bad news??

This is unfortunately an all too familiar conversation I am having with potential clients, their current email archiving system has been purchased by a larger competitor and is about to become EOL, they are then left with the preverbal gun to their head and need to make a very big organisational decision very quickly, do they go with the new offered solution with the massive increase of costs, do they look at exporting all of the information and clogging up their mail servers and affecting performance, not to mention existing policies they may have in place such as;

  • User Quotas   Email Archiving
  • Retention
  • eDiscovery
  • Reporting etc.

Or do they decide to abandon all of that business critical information in their current archive and hope and pray that the information is never requested by end users, never mind FOI, eDiscovery, legal or post-employment enquiries. Obviously the latter isn’t really an option as most IT professional will never put themselves in that scenario as protection and safety nets have become their middle name. Or do they look to another email archiving provider for advise, help and guidance as to what they can, need or want to do!!

This is exactly the scenario that we have been contacted with multiple times in recent days “we use Nearpoint or Other email archive, it’s come to end of life, I need a solution and options for management and I don’t know what to do”

Fortunately at Waterford Technologies we have huge experience and expertise in archive migrations with multiple options from on-premise to hosted or hybrid. It’s at this time that it is great to be able to say “No problem, we can help and manage the whole process for you”, we can discuss their current archive system, their needs or drives for the future and explain the added advantages our software can offer all whilst managing their migration seamlessly without any disruption to their email system or their end users. End of Life can be a pain and a hassle, but it doesn’t need to be and can often lead to more features, a better email archiving system and ALL for less money than previously paid.

So if you have an EOL email archiving system or would like to see if you can get a more comprehensive one for less money, just give us a call, we’ll be happy to help.