Exchange Email Management – How to Reduce the Burdens

If you are using Microsoft Exchange email servers, this will be especially beneficial to you

Microsoft Exchange licenses limit the size of your active email storage. Companies regularly experience diminished performance when those limits are approached, in the form of increased backup times, more stringent email quotas, and slower transmissions.

All of this creates huge problems for IT managers or email system administrators, even while it forces them to justify greater hardware storage costs and higher Microsoft Exchange licensing costs for active storage. With MailMeter, these problems simply vanish; MailMeter creates archiving for most of your email storage burden while it greatly lessens your storage costs.

We’ll Install Our Exchange Email Management Solutions in One Business Day

If you haven’t installed MailMeter yet because you are waiting for a slow month to devote to the installation, we have good news for you: Installation of MailMeter email management software and integration with your Microsoft Exchange email server generally takes less than a single business day. By the end of the day, you will already be experiencing a reduction in the burden on your email server and tallying the savings in your storage and licensing costs.

Our Microsoft Exchange clients count on us for top-notch customer support, and we deliver it around the clock. Some of our competitors may have so many irons in the fire that their Microsoft Exchange email management products get less attention than their customers need. At Waterford Technologies, email management is our focus, and we provide comprehensive customer support for our products.

Learn How MailMeter Can Help Your Business

Click here to learn how MailMeter from Waterford Technologies helped Donegal County Council manage the growth in their Microsoft Exchange environment and reduce their email footprint. Or read the full list of features and benefits that MailMeter can offer to you and your business by clicking here.