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Exclaimer Mail Archiver is Discontinued. Are You Looking for a Better Alternative?

If you are an Exclaimer Mail Archiver user at this stage, you may understand it has gone end of life and as of September 2021, it will be no longer supported by Exclaimer. If you are reading this, you may well have already started your search for an Exclaimer Email Archiver Alternative.

Looking for an Exclaimer Mail Archiver Alternative at an attractive price point? 

If you are an Exclaimer Mail Archiver user at this stage, you may understand it has gone end of life and as of September 2021, it will be no longer supported by Exclaimer. If you are reading this, you may well have already started your search for an Exclaimer Email Archiver Alternative.

With so many options on the market, it is difficult to know who to trust and what to believe.  

Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting.    

Look no further than MailMeter- MailMeter is an all-in-one email archiving solution that empowers you to safeguard your email in a tamper-proof archive, allowing you to transform your data into a useful archive for everyday use. It stores the copies of your emails in an archive that facilitates you to send or receive any business-critical information in a secure manner.  

We understand that a software move like this can be stressful, but we are here to help, alongside our software we offer a fully managed service that will make the transition a breeze, that is the real value of MailMeter….our people.  We will ensure that not only the transition is seamless but also that you end up with far superior email management and compliance solution.  

As an added incentive, we offer Exclaimer, Email Archiver clients a discount of up to 20%* if they make the move to MailMeter before September 2021.   

Looking for an Exclaimer Mail Archiver Alternative can create many questions; we are here to answer them.  

On-Premise or Cloud?  

As Exclaimer mail archiver had now been discontinued you may be thinking of moving to the cloud.  No problem, MailMeter is a software solution that has options for both cloud or on-premise-based email management and compliance. The platform is ideal for helping you to locate every single email in your organization, conduct eDiscovery, freedom of information, and DSAR’s searches from an easy-to-use interface at any time or any location. It facilitates you to easily minimize the email risk, detect and respond to threats in seconds. 

What about Retention and Compliance?  

MailMeter quickly implements the retention policies to meet regulations by phrases, attachments, keywords, departments, users, and many others. You can also create automated reports based upon the sector like RegEx, PCI DSS, PII, HR, regulation risk, and much more without any disturbance. It facilitates fast discovery or indexing of data to minimize the complexity of the search process and preventative monitoring to identify or remediate risk through a specific individual or department. 

You are not just availing of a solution, but also a service from a team of experienced data management and eDiscovery experts.  

How Secure is it?  

With the help of MailMeter’s secure storage function, it stores the organization’s emails in an encrypted repository and de-duplicates the data to minimize the storage consumption by up to 40 per cent.  

How Easy Is It to Change from Exclaimer to MailMeter?  

That the best bit, with regards to implementation, there is no onsite hardware required, we are compatible with Microsoft exchange, office 365, and many others. Using the Exclaimer BIN2PST utility your existing Archives can be exported to the Microsoft Outlook PST file format. These PSTs then can be quickly and easily imported into MailMeter.  Don’t worry about losing email messages because MailMeter can process your active message traffic into the Archive while it processes these PSTs. 

Return on Investment?  

We approach each client project by first defining your desire for business outcomes. Waterford Technologies consistently delivers on three common outcomes, we reduce costs by providing a return on investment that is 5 times the cost of MailMeter, we offer a fully managed service and provide software that can be used in a matter of seconds without any training, boosting your day-to-day efficiency and business productivity. And don’t forget we are offering Exclaimer, Mail Archiver clients a discount of up to 20%* if they make the move to MailMeter before September 2021.   

Will Office 365 Not Do the Job?  

Office 365 offers great benefits for organizations moving their email to the cloud, but Office 365 offers neither the functionality nor the security that IT departments require without additional add-ons or 3rd party software.  

Ensuring regulatory compliance and servicing eDiscovery and data requests using native Office 365 tools can be an overwhelming challenge. Microsoft agrees and requires expensive Office 365 add-ons or user licenses to supplement native tools to manage eDiscovery, retention, legal hold, and to meet compliance requirements. Read here for some of the challenges organizations face using Office 365 for compliance and data retention.    

What is Support Like?  

Managed Service is our key differentiator – We have made it our business to truly understand and apply this knowledge to what constitutes operational excellence in email and file archiving for every project we undertake. We are proud of the team we have developed at Waterford Technologies that combines technical expertise with many years of operation experience. 

Very rarely do our clients have the luxury of only working during normal office hours. It is important to be there when our clients need us and as such, we offer you the ability to tailor your support plan to align with the hours you require covered with extended support hours and 24/7 monitoring.  

“Click-Manage-Move- Simple Archiving. Great Technology, very good support from sales through to technical- Certainly a partner that we will continue to grow our business with. The tooling set is simple to use, easy to navigate and flexible in deployment. We tested a lot of industry leading archiving toolsets, this is the easiest to use out of the box and intutiutve to use.”

Steve Evans, Founder/ DRaaS Recovery and Backup Expert- Direct Cloud Back Up

We at Waterford Technologies have spent over 20 years creating long-term relationships with our clients, supporting them along their data management journeys. We offer enterprise-level Data Compliance and Management solutions in Email and File Archiving and support our software with a personal, dedicated, and affordable approach.  

Whether you have a specific need or just want to discover what is possible from an Exclaimer Mail Archiver Alternative, we would love to hear from you. Our team of experts is ready to take your call.  

Just a gentle reminder, we are offering Exclaimer, Mail Archiver clients a discount of up to 20%* if they make the move to MailMeter before September 2021.   

If you are not ready for a call today, we would encourage you to have a look at our demo videos, this will give you a good insight into the platform and how easy it is for anyone in the organization to use.  Watch Demo  

*Terms and Conditions- Discount only applies to Exclaimer, Mail Archiver clients that move to MailMeter before the end of September 2021. The up to 20% discount is based on a minimum mailbox quantity of 100 and a maximum number of 5000. (Entry Level Pricing covers organisation up to 100 Mailboxes). Discount pricing excludes history capture and PST’s. Cloud option storage applies up to 1TB.   Please contact us to get a customised quote and to see how much you could save by archiving with MailMeter.