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- Automatically remove records when retention periods have expired
- Reduce mail server storage
- Protect sensitive email & manage against exclusion & legal hold
- Achieve legal compliance for legal eDiscovery & audits

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Why Choose MailMeter?

Supports On-premise Exchange, Office 365, Gmail and Lotus Notes
Save Money
Reduce costs by eliminating the need for additional licenses and expensive Office 365 add-ons.
Save Time
Quickly and easily respond to email eDiscovery and FOI requests with our advanced forensic search engine.
Meet Compliance
Implement retention policies to meet regulations, classify and label emails, automate compliance searches and more.

Enable Informed Business Decisions and Prove Regulatory Compliance

MailMeter empowers you to easily reduce email risk, detect and respond in real-time to threats, and prove regulatory compliance.
Email Archiving
Capture and store copies of your emails in an archive to protect them from end-user action.
Retention Management
Implement retention policies to meet regulations, by users, departments, keywords, phrases, and attachments.
Audit Trail
Access user actions with a full audit trail of all verified uses and their departments.
Advanced eDiscovery
Search by keyword, world lists, time, subject, message content, attachment content, and more.rn
Real-Time Tagging
Define proactive pre-archiving rules to discard, tag, or label messages based on participants, type or keyword content.
Export Capabilities
Generate and export unlimited messages to EML, PDF, or PST easily and quickly.

How it Works?

Maintain a separate repository for your eDiscovery outside of your email tenant.
Dedicated Repository
Single-instance, compress, encrypt, digitally stamp, and index all content.
Tag, delete/apply retention policies, legal hold, access block capabilities to relevant data.

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