Feed Your Business, Not Your Servers

growth and compliance

The importance of managing growth and compliance

Mark Mulcahy – Waterford Technologies

Between suppliers, customers and regulatory bodies your food sector organisation will have emails and attachments flying around like nobody’s business. It’s essential that every single one is stored for the purpose of compliance reviews, but this can mean that your servers become overburdened, increasing backup times and potentially eliminating the possibility of disaster recovery.

There’s also the issue of PST files, which many employees rely on to give their mailbox quota a storage boost – despite them being unsecure and increasing the likelihood of lost or corrupted data that can’t be searched by a compliance officer. In the food sector this can be disastrous, when you are reliant on your ability to trace sources and provide full communication chains.

Helping the top players in the food industry

Waterford Technologies has helped several food sector brands including the Irish Food Board, Dairygold and Heineken reduce their email and file storage with MailMeter and FileArchiver software solutions. Together they archive all of the emails and file attachments on your servers, creating a searchable record of every email sent and received as well as every last piece of data stored. Using them decreases storage space, email capacity and backup times massively and, of course, makes tracing information regarding suppliers and sources much easier.

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