Feed Your Business – The Importance of Email Traceability

Email Traceability

Why it’s essential for the food sector to archive their emails and files

Mark Mulcahy – Waterford Technologies

Two years ago, the horse meat scandal made unwanted headline news across the UK and Europe. Tales of horse meat being passed off as beef exposed the complex nature of globalised food supply chains. The evidence gathered did not point to a food safety or public health issue, but rather an issue of fraudulent labelling. It demonstrated that fraudsters were taking advantage of weaknesses across the food sector to the detriment of both legitimate businesses and consumers.

For any business embroiled in a similar scandal being able to retain, retrieve and trace email records could offer vital evidence that they have played by the rules and done nothing untoward.

Waterford Technologies specialises in Email and File Archiving, Compliance and Data Management Solutions. We work with organisations across all sectors, however the food sector is an area which is of particular prominence as Waterford works with many household names, providing email traceability.

These are just some of the names who use our MailMeter software, which backs up all emails and attachments – even those stored in PST files – and creates a searchable record of all emails and attachments to pass through your servers.

The Compliance, eDiscovery and Investigate Modules are of particular importance in the food sector.  Having a full audit trial of all your email data and the ability to search and retrieve emails quickly is a must have for Corporate Legal and Compliance personnel.

As we have seen from the kinds of issues that made the news globally surrounding ‘Horsegate’, the management of data is fundamental to corporate compliance.

A review into the integrity of the UK food industry was commissioned by the UK government following the horsemeat scandal with one of its recommendations a call on retailers and businesses to prove they have checked properly for adulteration or misrepresentation or run the risk of handling goods that could be branded “criminal property”.

Can you run the chance of taking such a risk?

If you’d like to see how Waterford Technologies can help you get the best out of your compliance review team and take the stress out of email monitoring, contact our team today.