File Archiving- What you don’t know is hurting you!

The Data Storage Story

We in Waterford Technologies are beginning to see more and more data hosting companies contacting us enquiring about our File archiver/Analyzer product

Why you might ask is this occurring more and more?

Well as far as our experience goes the whole data storage story usually breaks down as follows;File Archiving

Your IT administrator knows he has lots of rubbish on his file servers/San etc. This is Tier1 expensive disk and he knows the wrong stuff is being dumped here, actually, he knows it contains mostly the wrong stuff. He gets paid to maintain and protect important data the organisation needs, not a video clip of some kid running around the park that an employee put in their “home drive”. With the advent of cheapish cloud storage our IT administrator has a neat solution, He is simply going to move some of that redundant data to the cloud and keep the important data on our nice fast T1 storage locally….. It’s at this point we hit the problem.

What am I going to move?

Windows doesn’t make it that easy to ask the questions we need to ask in order to get the answers we need in order to make the informed decisions required to move the right data to the cloud.

Imagine if they could ask your multiple file servers, SAN’s etc in multiple locations the following questions from one portal anywhere in your organisation and get the answers back in seconds.

  • How many files of a certain type are there in a folder, drive, server etc
  • Who put them there?
  • When did they do that?
  • When did they last change the file?
  • When did they last even look at this file?
  • Can I delete it?
  • Can I move it to a location I want it to sit in without the end user knowing ?
  • Can I graph the growth of my data
  • Can I age it, understand it, move it, delete it, protect it

File Archiving 

Storage providers are beginning to realise that not only do we need a place to store certain data with them but more importantly we need to understand our data so we know what to store there and that’s why they are ringing us.

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